A backpacking, mandolin-playing rock-loving DILF

Guest post by Misty

This is my husband Josh. He’s such a great daddy. I’m so proud of him. *heart*

He is going to school right to be a geologist since he likes to play with rocks. He starts the masters program next year!

This summer he’ll be staying at home with our son, who turns 5 months old in a few days, while I return to work.

Josh is learning to play the mandolin and brew beer (not at the same time) right now when he’s not doing copious amounts of homework.

He’s also into other awesome things like riding his motorcycle, skateboarding, mastering the art of hilarious accents and cooking.

Comments on A backpacking, mandolin-playing rock-loving DILF

  1. Hey. I just came across this and had to say (even though this is months old and nobody will see this comment) your hubby looks so much like my boyfriend in this picture down to the glasses, earrings, and hairline! (and minus the giant tattoo)…its uncanny! They must be long lost brothers! haha
    Good luck with your beautiful baby!

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