Stop everything and look at this unicorn dog sweater!

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Photo from Uncommon Goods
Photo from Uncommon Goods

You have no idea how much it pleases me to interrupt your day to bring you this Very Important Dog Sweater News: Uncommon Goods (one of my favorite shopping sites) has… right now… in stock… this Unicorn Pet Sweater… complete with a rainbow horn… for your dog… and just in time for Halloween.

Even the description delights me:

For Your Rare Beast

Trixie dreamed of prancing through enchanted forests. Give your pet sweet, storybook style with this hand-knit unicorn sweater. The comfy acrylic outfit is lovingly detailed with an adorable rainbow horn, colorful trim, and leash opening at the neck. Handmade in Peru.

It’s freaking handmade in Peru!? Can this sweater be any more life-affirming? In fact, now that I’ve seen the glory of this dog sweater, I’m starting to get really upset that I ever even thought I was living a full and wonderful life without this existing in it.

Wait! One more thing. There’s also this Very Important Dog Sweater:

Dinosaur pet sweater
Dinosaur pet sweater

You’re welcome guys.

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