How I use my panties for a quick confidence boost

Guest post by Bree Lark
Grab Bag Mix of Thongs, Boyshorts, and Briefs
Grab Bag Mix of Thongs, Boyshorts, and Briefs

It was only a couple of years ago that I walked into my local Victoria’s Secret just to browse; and that was how my underwear obsession began. I came across their “panties bar,” and boy, was that the beginning of an addiction.

It began to get to the point where every single time I was anywhere near Victoria’s Secret, I had to buy the 5 pairs for $27 deal. It isn’t a bad price, until you end up with over a hundred pairs of underwear.

So why, oh why, do I love buying new underwear so much?

The truth is, cute underwear gives me confidence! That is it, that is all!

I feel very pretty when I wear lace trimmed undies in nice colours and patterns. Obviously, this is a confidence thing that comes from within. I don’t go outside wearing my undergarments over my pants and tops to show off my new purchases. I don’t buy a bunch of lingerie for guys to see, or for striptease purposes, I buy cute undies for myself. (Now if only my mother could understand this logic…)

But for those out there who buy cute underwear for stripping or flaunting their goodies, more power to them! Sexual liberation!

I am sure loads of women, men, genderfluid, agender, or other non-binary folk have had their confidence beaten down so many times by the beauty and fashion industry. I know I have, and I am working on learning to love myself and my body; and that will certainly take a hell lot of time.

But for now, I just love finding little things that give me confidence — whether it be lace undies or some crazy hairstyle I will try one day.

So what little thing gives you confidence, or what makes you feel pretty?

Comments on How I use my panties for a quick confidence boost

  1. Make up (especially lipstick even if it always seems to disappear within an hour) or earrings. Originally it was essential to my “fake it till you make it” attitude upon entering the job market, where I’d dress nicely so it at least looked like I knew what I was doing. Now I wear a little make up to work every day Because I’m A Grown Up so I can. That + a nice blouse = game on. I can take what you throw at me work day!

    Oh and I totally think of my make up as war paint. 😀

  2. Bright hair colours! I can’t quite get away with a full head of hot pink these days, but a patch of turquoise at the front is work-friendly and still looks awesome.

    • So very this. Especially if paired with an awesome hair style. When the color and style are fresh I just walk around with a smirk watching how I catch people’s eye. And it doesn’t matter if they approve or disapprove. “Yeah, you bet you’re intimidated. Because I’m a *badass*”

    • I don’t have crazy bright hair, but I definitely have an unusual color–dark reddish-purple. I naturally have very, very brown hair and while I don’t dislike my natural color, I did start to dislike the greys that were growing in and looking very prominent, so I decided to dye my hair. But if I’m going to dye my hair, I’m not going to go with a coverup dye. I’m going to go with something completely different than the usual color, even if that means bending the rules for teachers’ hair color. If I’m being fair to myself, the color isn’t so outrageous that I would really get into huge trouble. It’s really only very purple if you look at it in the right light.

  3. I always feel prettier when everything I’m wearing is black. I have a thing about pale chicks (which I am) in black underwear, so even though I don’t find myself attractive, when I’m wearing cute black panties and a black bra, I think I look good. That motivates me to throw on black clothes so that I match and am even prettier.

  4. I have a bra that makes me feel this way. It’s a bright cheerful red with a lace band, fits like a dream, is invisible under most clothing, and is super comfortable. It makes me feel gorgeous and I wear it whenever I need a little extra confidence boost. I really need to buy a couple more like it so I don’t wear it out too quickly.

  5. i call them my wonder woman underwear. whenever i need a boots i wear matching RED, fire engine RED bra/panties and i’m unstoppable. there’s really no stopping me if i’m wearing the wonder woman underwear and my trusty roper boots. then it’s attitude AND confidence (not sure why, but i always walk a little stronger in my boots).

    i was just in the process of cleaning out my underwear drawer this weekend- after spending a week digging through the clean laundry for the “good pair” WHY AM I EVEN KEEPING A DRAWER OF STUFF THAT DOESN’T MAKE ME FEEL GREAT? so out it went. i kept a few “special occasion” pair (laces, bows, other things that would catch or be uncomfortable under jeans) but OUT with the rest of the stretched out, too small, not wonder woman inspiring underwear.

    • You’ve inspired me to clear out my underwear drawer! I have so many old pairs that are scruffy and loose and I see as my ‘period pants’, but now I have my mooncup I no longer need those. They’re going on the fire tonight! I’ll be wearing beautiful underwear every day, thank you very much.

  6. For me, it is all about the boots. Maybe it’s that song, but whenever I wear boots, I feel comfortable and also like I am ready to kick some ass. I have like seven pairs, and most of them need to be replaced at this point because I have had them so long that they are really starting to wear out. I should add that only one of the pairs of boots I own has what I would consider an actual heel— being about 6’0″ already, I don’t need the extra height, plus I already have my share of feet and joint issues, so I hardly ever wear heels. A lot of times, heels (at least anything over about 2.5″), make me feel LESS confident because I am so uncomfortable when I wear them that I can’t focus on anything else besides the fact that my feet, ankles, and knees are killing me. I’ve had one or two pairs of 3-4″ heels in my life that weren’t massively uncomfortable and made me feel like a million bucks, but usually I’d have to kick them off after 4 or 5 hours even then. Anyway. THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN.’

    • My mother gave me a card when I was feeling down a few years ago. It said, “Whenever you feel down, where some cool boots. Cool boots make you feel like you can do anything! Or at least kick something really hard.”

      I still have it next to my bed. Cool boots really do add confidence.

    • My docs. “I could step on fire and squelch it. I could trudge through a flood and be dry. I could walk on ice and crunch it beneath me. I am a damn superhero, yo! Plus, I look awesome.”

  7. Amusing socks. While they don’t exactly give me confidence or make me feel pretty, knowing that I’m out and about with cats with unicorn horns on my feet makes my day just a little brighter.

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