The BEST V-Day present for your wanderlusty other half

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The scratch map.

It’ll help her keep track of where she’s been.

It’ll look nice on his wall, no matter where he is.

The scratch map, $17 on Amazon.

Via Mighty Girl.

Comments on The BEST V-Day present for your wanderlusty other half

  1. I bought this for a wandering friend for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. In fact, she spent the whole of the next afternoon scratching off where she has been so far. I gave it to hre framed though, so it was ready for hanging as I knew she would never do it herself!

    • Saw a lovely one in UK free paper METRO earlier this week… Not able to find it online unfortunately, but it’s essentially this:
      1) Buy 3 nice small frames (or fewer, or more – your choice).
      2) Print off a map of 3 places that are significant to you and your loved one.
      3) Cut hearts round those places with the exact spot that you’re focussing on in the middle.
      4) Cut complementary coloured paper into scroll shapes and write what happened at those spots – e.g. “We met” “We married” “We live”
      5) Arrange and frame. Tada!

      Personally I shall be surprising my hubbie with marzipan shapes dipped in chocolate for us to share, and we’ll be attempting to make a handmade heart shaped pizza.

  2. I now desperately want a US 50 states/Canadian provinces scratch map. And I’m clearly not the first person to google it. If anyone finds one or creates one, PLEASE let me know.

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