The adventure of parenthood

Guest post by Trevor Edwards

To celebrate mamahood and all that is awesome about it, we asked a few of our Offbeat Papas and Mamas to write about their partners and spouses. Happy Mother’s Day week, guys! Because, seriously, don’t we at least get a week?

When relationships begin, we have no idea the adventure that lies in front of us. As things begin as friends they develop in to so much more than we could ever imagine. Our adventure as one because so much more exciting, threw the trials and tribulations we face together.

Friends, boyfriend girlfriend, and marriage–the adventure carries on and on, for a lifetime.

Then life’s greatest adventure comes, parenthood. To be a parent, Mom and Dad, is so exciting and yet so overwhelming. You truly begin to see one another grow in your life’s adventure together.

My wife is one of the greatest people in this world, a best friend. She cares so greatly about our daughter in a way that is just breathtaking. She loves and nurtures her with such passion I can only wish that I would be that good. To see such a bond grow, a love and respect comes about for your partner.

Motherhood is so wonderful to see, that words cannot describe the bond you get to watch happen between mother and daughter. I can only be proud of the fact that I get to ride in life’s adventure with them as one, as family.

Many more adventures lie ahead. I look forward to them every day.

My darling wife Brooke, may you always know that I, we, love you so much and then some.

Trevor and Sadie

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