Use lab-grade test tubes as your spice rack

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Spice Rack - Glass Spice Tube Set
Spice Rack – Glass Spice Tube Set

Apparently this is what your spice rack looks like when you’re a scientist who loves to cook: test tubes and a lab-grade test tube spice rack!

No wait. Maybe THIS is what your spice rack looks like when you’re a chemist you loves to cook…

Science-Spice Rack-Chemistry Set-14 pc
Science-Spice Rack-Chemistry Set-14 pc

Just make sure not to combine work with cooking. That would suck.

Comments on Use lab-grade test tubes as your spice rack

  1. We use beakers as drinking glasses in our kitchen, and tiny beakers as shot glasses. And we mostly use our test tube spice rack to store our homemade spice blends like Italian, Cajun, and Taco seasoning. Yup, I’m a physicist married to a biologist!

  2. This is awesome! I’ve been lusting after the Dean and Deluca version of this for years but it’s so dang expensive I can’t ever justify it except for a Christmas present but no one has bought it for me yet. Maybe I’ll do this instead!

  3. We just picked up a case of test tubes at Efston Science’s Clearance Sale in Toronto. If memory serves we got 72 pyrex test tubes for $20.

    Efston Science has been a a Science store in Toronto since 1970, but they are going to a web only business model, so they are clearing the entire store.

  4. But…but how would you fill them? This seems ideal, we have so many spices with no way to organize them. But it seems like filling the tubes would be a pain in the ass.

  5. I just wanted to add that aside from using a small funnel for refills, a bent piece of foil works well, too. The tubes hold quite a bit of spice, so unless you use a certain one every day, you won’t need to refill that often. Happy cooking!

  6. I’m with Diandra… I had a plastic version I bought at Target for $15 around Christmas maybe five years ago that I have since abandoned. It was too tall to store in any of my more convenient cabinets, since spices should ideally be stored in the dark. While the glass certainly looks nicer, I would be very concerned about it breaking.

    I still think this is a very attractive idea, but at $80, you should probably see if it’s cheaper to “make” your own. Also, not to troll, but I’m also not entirely sure how this qualifies as handmade (pursuant to etsy’s guidelines).

    • Well, the same argument could go for my custom welcome mat I got through Etsy which is no more than a mat that was cut down to size and painted on.

      $80 is a bit pricey but take a look at what test tubes/corks/stainless steel test tube racks cost. Plus the cost for the labels and printing? It’s minimal, but it’s not free. Also, Dean and Deluca version is f*cking crazy expensive! As for the practicality of a test tube rack, I agree, it’s not for everyone (or every home).

  7. This is cute, but should you be exposing the spices to light like that? I would keep mine in a cupboard, for sure, and not on the countertop. Spices lose flavor when exposed to heat or light.

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