Crafty teens are rocking Etsy

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I’ve always assumed Etsy was a place for adults to sell their items, and never considered that a crafty teen or two could also sell on the site. Color me surprised to discover that the terms of use basically states that any industrious teen with an approving parent/guardian can launch a shop and sell with the best of them — as many of these teens have.

Candidate is one of my faves — she’s an eighteen-year-old Brit with mad design skills:

Nutella Love print from Candidate.

Another seller that I adore is EllaBands. While her hair bands and necklaces leave me giddy, these chalk board hearts (which could be used for SO MANY THINGS — DIY birthday invites, a fun at-home activity, and so on) slay me:

Chalkboard hearts by EllaBand.

Fever Dream Apparel’s Soul Searcher Pendant kind of wigs me out (does that eye remind anyone else from the book of spells in Hocus Pocus?), but it’s still quite badass:

Jamie Bowwe specializes in funky earrings — these could be worn by pretty much anyone, regardless of age, sex, or gender, dontcha think?

Waste Not is a shop filled to the brim with vintage and upcycled clothing, like this awesome green-and-pink owl tee:

And finally, the girl behind Talk Proof creates brightly-colored plush something-or-others (could we use animal?), like Kepler the Beaver:

We’ve covered non-mall summer jobs for teens, but do you guys know of any other spots online teens can sell their items year-round?

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  1. Yes! I love creative individuals! It’s so inspiring to see the younger generation branching out into something beyond working at the mall for some extra cash (not that working in the mall is bad, I did it, but it’s just nice to see them take such an interest in crafting and art at such a young age!)

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