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Put ’em up! Preserving vegetables from a small harvest

I had ideas of producing pounds upon pounds of produce to put away for the winter after I’d enjoyed them all summer long. Well, I have enjoyed peas, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and basil, but definitely not enough to “put up.” I kept waiting to get enough of one thing to can, freeze, or dry — but it just never happened.

This week I finally learned the most amazing thing about gardening as a grocery supplement:

You need a whole lot less of one thing to can than you might think.

A fairy door, a rainbow of produce, and one very attentive dog

Meet a bullhuahua — a pit bull/chihuahua mix — who lives on a super stylish orange couch. Learn about underground automated carports, and about how squatters can take legal possession of their squats.

Vegetable-inspired tables: packed with vitamins, minerals, and good design

If ever you dreamed of furniture made in the likeness of vegetables, designer and woodworker David Rasmussen is your man. These tables are beautiful, mod, and so so colorful.

Let me tell you about the box of produce I get from a farm each week

The first time I heard of CFAs was back in 2003, visiting relatives on Long Island. I was chilling in their kitchen when my aunt comes bursting into the door, cardboard box in tow, squealing, “The CFA is here!” My immediate thought: WTF is a CFA?

Forage for your food: 3 plants you can eat tonight

Spring is springing, plants have sprouted, and I bet $10 you can find enough edible greens for a tasty salad within a mile of your front door. You may even be able to bring home enough for dinner tonight.

Container gardening part deux: Beyond thunderdome

Container gardeners, SOUND OFF! What’s going on with the container garden of your dreams? I have a couple extra ideas to help make it great.