"Rainbow Brite" beans and rice recipe

Because rice and beans is, in my opinion, a staple of a whole-foods vegan diet, I'd like to share with my homies another variation that, while not Megan-simple, is still delicious and will still please everyone — and it also happens to be pretty healthy. So here we have: Rainbow Brite rice and beans.


Fart-free spicy bean salad

I have to have protein or I get cranky and tired. It seems the best non-meat protein option is the musical fruit… beans. After doing some research I heard that a natural cure for gas is cumin seeds. So I got to work on a recipe that incorporated cumin with the beans to come up with a dish that had fewer musical side-effects.


Where can one find positive vegetarian-themed networking websites?

I recently joined (and subsequently deleted my account from) a vegetarian networking website. What I got was more of an anti-meat-eater coalition. Now, don't get me wrong: there were some very kind people there, but the general attitude was aggressive. What I really just want is a supportive network for vegetarians, with little-to-no negativity. Has anyone heard of something like that?