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The baby closet, six months later

We converted the walk-in closet of our one-bedroom condo into a nursery. You may be asking yourself, “Self, how’d that whole Ariel-sticking-her-baby-in-the-closet thing work out?

The baby industrial complex and the pink bathtub

Since we live in a very small urban home, we’ve had to be super selective with baby crap. But I will admit, there is ONE baby item I didn’t think I needed that turned out to be mission critical…

The completed closet-now-baby nook

Last month I shared our process of transforming our walk-in closet into a baby nook. Well, we finally (almost) finished the process, and I figured I’d share pictures. The only thing missing is this poster, which is on its way from London. Now, I’m not delusional here: despite the wide-angle lens, this is a small […]

How we’re turning a walk-in closet into a nursery

Two years ago, Andreas and I traded our 3 bedroom house in Seattle’s southend for a 1 bedroom condo in the heart of the beloved gayborhood where we’ve lived off and on since the late ’90s. It was a weird decision: we were thinking about starting a family, which for many people means getting rid […]

Who says you need a yard to raise kids?!

We recently moved to downtown Seattle, and were shocked that the first question family asked is “What do the kids do without a yard?” Um, EVERYTHING.