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Brilliant idea for a wall: LEGO IT

HGTV made itself useful by posting a roundup of ten ideas for kids’ rooms — but this idea in particular is a bully idea for nerdy grown-ups everywere: Buy a ton of LEGO plates, affix to wall, enhance your awesomeness.

How do I deal with family members who want to get my kids tons of STUFF?

What do you do when your family can’t stop buying you baby and kid stuff that you DON’T NEED?

Playing with toy weapons: inevitable or preventable?

Is it possible to prevent weapons — real or fake — from becoming part of your child’s play and reality?

For the littlest nerdlings

Before I had kids I never understood the whole ribbon tag trend. It seemed like all these regular old baby toys were suddenly reinvented with little ribbon tags sewn on everything. Blocks, books, balls, whatever. Tags tags tags. Then I had a child and as soon as she could grab toys she went for the […]

Boys play with dolls!

Kids emulate the adults in their lives. So why wouldn’t your son imitate you babywearing his younger sibling? Why not foster nurturing behavior in our boys? Some boys like baby dolls! Big deal! Etsy seller Squarepear has the right idea with this blue camo ring sling for boys. What a great way to prepare your […]

These are not the fingerpuppets you’re looking for

How awesome are these Star Wars finger puppets? SUPER WAY AWESOME, that is how much.  I know a bunch of kids (and, um, adults really big kids) who would love these. And can you imagine the possibilities one could dream up? Chewbacca could come with your kids to the Doctor’s office. Yoda could advise the […]