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Parenting advice I ignored… but now wish I had tried sooner

After getting unsolicited comments from just about everyone you know (and strangers! So fun!), it gets really easy to just start tuning people out — and by people, I mean everyone. Brooke sent me an email saying it might be fun to ask around and find out what parenting advice people have received that actually did work — and it turns out you guys have tons of it.

Make your own Elimination Communication split-pants for your kiddo

If you’re thinking of trying Elimination Communication with your kidlet, Hunny’s got a tutorial that will teach you to make your own split-crotch pants.

Toilet training on your kid’s schedule

Do you really need a plan of attack for potty training? What happens if you just let your kid run around naked?

I toilet trained my baby from day 1

I read about how some parents go diaper free, and teach their babies to use the potty. I was more than skeptical, but then…