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Dealing with death: how I told my daughter her grandfather had passed away

Almost a year ago now, my father passed away. I received the news in slow motion; anyone who has heard this kind of news knows exactly what I mean by that. Of course I felt the initial pain of my own loss, but my attention immediately turned to my daughter. How was I going to tell my little girl, who at that time was two months shy of turning three and so in love with her “Umpaw,” that she would never see him again?

A Go, Dog! Go!-themed birthday party

After celebrating our daughter’s first birthday a A Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed party, we kept it pretty simple this year — just a few tots and their parents, some light fare, and a couple of simple activities. Plus, I was nine months pregnant and just didn’t have the energy to go too crazy. I liked using a book theme last year, so we went with another book. This year, it was Go, Dog. Go!, one of Penny’s favorites.

Where can I get a mini toddler bed?

We are now looking for non-traditional options for toddler beds. We have a traditional-sized toddler bed for the four-year-old, but are now in the market for a toddler bed for the almost two-year-old. He is only two feet tall, and we have a really small space, so getting a five foot long toddler bed just is not practical.

What are your favorite animal-friendly, beautifully-illustrated kid’s books?

My kids, nearly two and four, love to be read to and I love to read to them as long as the books are lyrically written and creatively illustrated — and they don’t encourage harming animals (original Curious George, anyone?), or feature name-calling or cranky parents (too many to list).

Make your own indoor sandbox to combat the dreary weather blues

My nineteen-month-old children can’t actually say that they’re bored yet, but it’s pretty easy to tell when they are. This week the city of Toronto has been a giant slushy and the minions haven’t made it outside much: at daycare or at home. Even prison inmates get yard time, and after more than a day without outdoor play, someone’s going to get shanked in their cell… err, crib.

Toddler aliens are cute: how we DIYed our daughter’s alien-themed photo session

TRIGGER WARNING: we’re gonna talk about aliens here. I mention this because when we ran Nicole’s alien abuduction-themed maternity photos in September 2011, it freaked a few people out. This year Nicole’s back with another alien-themed session, this time featuring her now-18-month-old daughter, Taylor, decked out in homemade alien regalia. Here’s the scoop.

How being a nanny to a three-year-old has taught me self-acceptance

As I evaluate my role as a strong, positive role model in Johannah’s life, I am particularly cognizant of the image of myself that I share with her, that I unconsciously project into the world. I may be found, at times, in front of a full length mirror scrutinizing the lumps and bumps of my body, rough patches of skin, the crookedness of my front teeth.

My husband is transitioning from male to female: how do we prepare our kids?

My husband recently surprised me with a sudden and incredibly unexpected truth that he has been carrying with him for a long time: he wants to be a woman. I am still in a bit of shock, but I’m coping. I’m reaching out to my online offbeat family. How do we transition our kids throughout their father’s MTF transition?