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I’m a single mom getting ready to move out with my kid — care to share your family budgeting tips?

I am a single mother with a rapidly evolving career. My three-year-old and I have been living with my parents for almost two-and-a-half years now, and it’s time to leave. I found a decent (read: not dangerous) apartment complex, and we will be moving in about a month.

Convos with my 2-year-old: parent-child conversations re-enacted with another adult

If you guys are looking for a laugh, get pumped because I found it for you: yesterday Warmland Films released the first installment of Convos With My 2 Year Old. The video series is brilliant: they’re taking actual conversations between a two-year-old and her dad and replacing the two-year-old with an adult male.

A woodland themed birthday party for a one-year-old

If you’re head over heels for foxes and polka dots, get excited! I’m totally smitten with these cute photos Alisa recently shared with us — she threw her one-year-old a woodland-themed birthday party. Here a few photos form the day!

A play kitchen built from a salvaged cabinet

I made this play kitchen for my boyfriend’s nephew Henry, who is pictured above investigating his new present. I got the idea from this kitchen I saw on Young House Love.

I deleted the photos, and put the phone down: letting go of nostalgia for the future

I recently tried to sync my phone and couldn’t because it was too full. I couldn’t even update my podcasts because of all the pictures and videos taking up space — so I had to pare down. Deciding which photos and videos to save and which to delete was a challenge: what if I had a few minutes on the subway and wanted to look at pictures from a few years ago? I wasn’t ready.

We added a toddler to our family in 24 hours: our experience with foster-to-adopt

When my husband and I were dating we talked about all kinds of things during the long drive from Seattle to my parent’s house in Oregon. We talked about our lives together, our pasts, and our goals and hopes for the future. As things got more serious we starting talking about kids; how many we wanted, names we liked, that sort of thing. One thing we quickly realized was that we both had the desire to adopt.

Stuffed Animal Hospital: an indoor toy wash activity for rainy days

As spring weather of intermittent cold peppered with rain continues to downpour in our area, I struggle to find indoor appropriate activities for two plucky (bored and fighty) toddlers. I’ll spend afternoon coffee breaks Googling indoor activities to keep the stir-crazy levels to a slow mix rather than the full-blown pulverize we get once the kids have been held in weather related house arrest for more than a day or two.

How do we prepare a toddler for moving?

Our 2 1/2 year old is VERY attached to our home. It’s the apartment he has lived in his whole life. Because of the nature of the move, we have to go in mid-May. So, I’m wondering: with a month and a half, how can we get our toddler ready for the biggest change in his life so far?