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Meet David, our DILF o’ the week!

I love these photos of this week’s hottie dad — this is David and his son Jace. The shots were taken at the June 2009 wedding of David and his wife Amber. To feast your eyes on one more hot dad/cute kid shot, keep reading! Thanks again to Amber for sharing her good looking guy […]

Screw! You know… for kids.

I’m not really quite sure what this is, but it’s called “Screw” and it’s for kids, so that’s pretty cool. Personally, I think it looks like something a kid could really get hurt playing with, but it appears that these crazy looking toys are in fact, children’s furniture… and also toys. They were created by […]

Now you can do “here comes the airplane” with a frickin’ illuminated runway!

I love Think Geek because it’s a one stop shopping expo for my nerdy husband. But who knew they had ridiculously cool baby stuff? Okay, yeah, maybe most of that stuff is actually for kids… but I still maintain that a child couldn’t possibly get as much enjoyment out of the Tauntaun sleeping bag as […]