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Take a virtual trip around the world with this open-ended, world-traveling honeymoon

We both LOVE to travel, over the course of our relationship we’ve gone on a number of international hosteling/backpacking trips together. We’d been joking about going around the world, but when we found out that Alex would be getting laid off the same week that Sara would finish grad school it seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually do it!

Practice gratefulness today — for your home and all its flaws

I moved to Isaan, the farmlands of Thailand, 4 months ago. Our home is safe. I am very thankful. However, a third of Thailand is underwater, over 300 people have died, & the waters are still rising.

So today, instead of fixating on sheets that aren’t quite the right shade, I focus on having a dry place to sleep.

A double shot of how-tos on hanging gardens

Hanging gardens are SO SO hot right now — and why not? They’re easy, gorgeous, and fit in even the smallest homes. We’ve covered one version of a hanging garden — now you can add two more to your knowledge base.

ดอกอัญชัน: From seed to cup, make DIY tea

Learn about a bright purple tea from Thailand and how you can make it yourself, from seed to cup, thanks to an adorable video tutorial by Mariegael.