Why are moms so hesitant to view their male partners as full, competent parents?

The first time it happened, I was at a Mothers of Multiples Club welcome brunch. My fantasy was that my terror of the impending birth of my twins would dissipate as soon as I met the wise kindred spirits who would be guiding me through the transition to multiple-motherhood. Much to my surprise, however, brunch soon descended into a partner-bashing session, replete with the kind of ominous warnings I would receive over and over during my pregnancy.

My 7 rules for being a responsible stoner parent

Candyland is so much more fun baked when you’re an adult. In fact, marijuana makes a lot of things more bearable and even fun. Pot can make you patient and relaxed. I get it, and so does a sizable portion of society. That being said, there are some rules I choose to follow as a pot-smoking parent….

How I support my family as a sex worker

For all intents and purposes I have the perfect suburban mommy resume. With one enormous exception. I keep a huge secret from my family, neighbors, and friends. After a long day of story time at the library, playing with moon sand, and finger painting… I go to work. I don’t have a typical mom job. Not by a long shot. I’m an escort.

Debunking the myth of a “natural birth”

Does it take a vaginal delivery or medication-free labor to have a “natural” birth? We don’t think so.

Babycrack: when wanting a baby gets weird

What is babycrack? It’s that irrational little voice in your head telling you yesssss, you want a babeeeee. Even if you can barely pay your rennnnnt…

When is the right time to have a child?

Ariel and Stephanie weigh in on the question “Am I being foolish by waiting until I feel financially secure before reproducing?”