Life after ditching my smart phone

We were just like any other couple with smart phones: checked in on Facebook or Foursquare, had work emails set up so we looked at them way too often, shared funny photos and spent part of work surfing the internet. Then it all changed. We ditched our smart phones and have lived to tell the tale.


What I learned from overcoming my addiction to Facebook

November of 2007 is when I first opened a Facebook account, and I was hooked on social networking. Then, when I was engaged, things got weird. — virtual harassment bled into real life creepiness. After that I started wondering how much I actually needed Facebook. So I deleted all my online accounts and learned a lot in the process.

We need to quit telling lies on Facebook

Not to be outdone, I uploaded our new pictures. "Sunny Saturday!" I wrote in the status. I'm not a total liar. I'm just good at PR. Time passed — five minutes? An hour? When you're blissfully ignoring your kids, the seconds slip by far too quickly.