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Add more than 20 Home-related accounts to your Twitter

Tweeple! Tweeps! Twitterers! If you’re looking for curated people for you to follow, look no further! Here’s my list of home-related Twitter accounts the Homies might find value in, including the Empire crew, helpful tip-givers, and a cat who photographs his life.

Stop letting your kid’s freedom of speech be taken away

As parents, I think we should teach our kids all due caution, but there should be outrage here, too. Outrage that their childhoods — their ability to make bad choices and act stupid and be young — is actively being taken from them. Our kids have to live in constant fear and under a constant scrutiny that no other generation has suffered beneath (and no generation should) to the point that, even in their youth they must act with either the constant maturity of adults, or at least under a constant curtain of paranoia.

How do you feel about being Facebook friends with kids?

My first encounter with kids on Facebook happened a year ago when one of the boys in my daughter’s class sent me a “friend” request on Facebook. He was nine years old. I’m Facebook “friends” with one of his dads, so I accepted the request. This has me wondering: do you think it’s ok to be friends with a minor on Facebook?

How can I safely use the internet to update my family members about our kid?

What’s the best way to digitally share news about your kid with family members? We have a few privacy concerns (primarily about keeping our work lives and private lives separate). Should we start an “old-fashioned” blog? Email updates? Flickr with privacy settings? Facebook friend lists? Tumblr for photo updates? There are so many choices!

Parenting a teen in the shadow of Facebook

Kids that are in high school and college right now are the guinea pigs for coming of age in the social networks. They are learning the hard way what should and should NOT be posted to their Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter accounts.