If you're struggling to conceive, talking to friends in the same boat may help you cope

I wrote about our struggle on my blog, and the reception was incredible. People shared that they'd been trying, personal struggles of their own, that they'd be thinking of me. No one gave me well-meaning but awful advice. Some people who now have tiny children shared that it took them years of trying to get to that point and they sympathised with my struggle. All up, it has been a positive experience and I'm glad I put myself out there.


When previous homeowners find your home reno blog

You know we love us some house blogs, and you KNOW we love hearing about your before and afters. But what happens if your "after" was someone's beloved "before" and they happen to stumble upon your posts about your frustrated home struggles? These are indeed 21st century problems, but they are also very real experiences. One Homie gives us a reminder about how small the interwebs can be.


This "No Media Mondays" idea sounds tempting to me

Puddle jumping, painting, reading, fairy hunting in the woods… what are you missing out on by being glued to a screen (tv and computer) most days? One Offbeat Mama decided to find out what life has in store BEYOND Facebook, email, Pinterest, and television by implementing "No Media Mondays."

Why I started "No Media Mondays" in my house

I'm shamefully addicted to my computer. I'd like to say it is mostly to stay in touch with the friends and family that I recently moved 1000 miles away from, but it started long before that. A few weeks ago I watched as my 20-month-old daughter "cooked" at her pretend kitchen while I was making dinner. She then proceeded to bring her baby doll to the rocking chair and "read" her a book, the exact same way that I do. She gave the baby a kiss, tucked her in, and said, "Night night!" I thought to myself, "My god, this child pays attention to everything I do."

Some people think putting your kid on Facebook might be bad for your job prospects

When I started reading this piece about why you shouldn't put photos of yourself with your kid all over your Facebook profile I was all "Yeah yeah yeahhhh, another post about why this is bad for kids." BUT THEN I actually paid attention to what I was reading and realized that the case being made is that splashing personal details of your life with your child(ren) online can impact YOU negatively in the career field.

The topic of this article is totally NOT one that I support, but I do feel like the possibility of being discriminated against for sharing your kid's lives on social networking websites is worth discussing. You can't change a practice like this if you don't know about it!