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Save money and make your own home-made chocolate cherry “Larabars”

I love Larabars, but am allergic to overpriced (almost $2 a bar), individually packaged things. Larabars are the perfect energy packed snack to eat before a hike, or a run, or just to get through the day (infomercial much?). These are so simple to make it’s ridiculous.

Megan-simple recipe: Guacamole + baked chips

Here’s an easy chips and guacamole recipe so simple even cooking-challenge editor Megan can do it. Eat and be amazed at its simple-deliciousness.

The Sweetest Vegan’s Memorial Day vegan sweets: red, white, and blue fruit cups

Tasha from The Sweetest Vegan has a little patriotic dessert for your Memorial Day nomming — but unlike the usual holiday fare, it’s vegan, raw, and gluten-free!

Midnight snack: Bacon over rice

Lately, this is what I make myself as a “midnight snack” — really more like a 1:30 AM snack, or as I like to call it, “lunch.” It’s a simple dish that is quick to make and easily adaptable: hoisin bacon over rice.

An ode to edamame: my homegrown, protein-rich popcorn replacement

I do not care what you say; the BEST snack food in the world is edamame. Green, healthy, savory, salty — steamed soybeans have the popability of potato chips, and it’s so easy to drop a ton of money on frozen packs of them at the grocery.

Growing my own edamame not only broke free of the frozen food aisle, but inspired a consuming love for these tiny green beans and all their furry hardiness.

Homemade cheddar rosemary crackers are better than the storebought alternatives

Here I am, yet again, promising myself that I will not buy store bought convenient alternatives. I’m hoping it sticks this time. I feel like this recipe is too easy not to keep that promise, plus, knowing exactly what’s in my food always comforts me.

Make yourself a bowl of honey spiced crickets

Sariann and Chelsea are two big fans of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. They are also fans of food. They combine their interests in their unusual cooking blog, Inn at the Crossroads. Here’s their post about a tasty-sounding spiced locust!

Foolproof food platters for easy hosting of drop-in guests

I’m one of those annoying friends that you can drop in on anytime and I can “throw together” a meal or snack that looks like I have a chef hiding in the pantry. I don’t, but I do have a few sneaky tips up my sleeve for faking the elegant grazing that is platters — and five themed ideas for matching tasty meats and cheeses perfectly.