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How do you deal with sibling rivalry and when do you know it’s gone too far?

I don’t have the most fantastic relationship with my older sister. Now that I’m having children of my own, I need to address the personal issues I have with sibling dynamics and start to make decisions as to how I would deal with such situations as a parent.

Is our second child still a “little sister” if our first child passed away?

I am about to have my second daughter. Most people will look at my daughter and see her as an only child, but I cannot help but think of her as a little sister. Her big sister passed away almost a year ago. Because most people won’t know the story of how our eldest child passed away, is it wrong to present my second daughter to the world as a “little sister?”

How a second adoption led to our daughters being sisters in every way they can be

This is what I remember about the day I found out I would become a mother for the second time: the sunshine streaming through our windows while I fed my 22-month-old lunch. When I think back nine months to that moment, the memory is bathed in that late summer/early afternoon sunlight.

My kids will have a decade between them and I think that’s awesome

Ten years ago I took a pregnancy test that resulted in two blue lines — those two blue lines. Now I’m getting ready to have my second child and loving that my kiddos will have at least ten years between them.

Living with a pregnant teen changes everything

We recently found out my 16-year-old sister is pregnant — and everyone’s world has been turned upside down. I’m only 22, and not sure if I’m ready to rock aunthood or would rather do my own thing.

How do you handle having two or more kids?

I was the girl that was never going to have children, but after a year of marriage my thoughts on that changed. I’m now the proud, happy mama of a nine-month-old. Now the question looming on the horizon is: do we have another?

Holy moly, I’m pregnant with twins

“…and here we have another baby,” said the ultra-sound technician in a way-too-calm voice.
“No.” I said.
“Yep — twins,” she said, and continued, measuring length and heart beats, while pure panic enveloped my brain and I searched the room for some sign that I was dreaming. You know like if the ultra-sound tech suddenly handed me a math test that I hadn’t studied for. That would’ve been awesome.

How can I talk to my tween sister about breasts and other body parts?

I’m not a mom, but I’m getting lots of practice while helping raise my nieces and cousins and by living with my twelve-year-old sister, Angela. Angela is on the cusp of puberty and doesn’t really have a parent to talk to — my mom sent her to live with us, and my dad isn’t much use for gender-specific troubles. I’m stepping up to the plate, but am being confronted with some sticky situations.