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Kids these days have all the luck: light-up shoes are so much better in 2012

Y’all: light-up shoes have come a LONG WAY since I was seven-years-old. As far as I know, no one’s yet designed light-up shoes for adults (or if they have, I can’t find them), the kid crowd has some amazing option now-a-days.

Vegan-friendly Infinity Shoes has flowered high-tops, rainbow zig-zagged kicks, and one extra-amazing pair of electric blue platform boots

Are you feeling stellar enough to dive into these Women’s Limerick Platform Shoes? That’s 5 inches of heel, 2 inches of platform, and in total 7 inches of complete and total INCREDIBLE, all from our sponsor Infinity Shoes.

School-friendly closed toe slip-on shoes for toddlers and kids

You already know it’s back-to-school time in many parts of the world, but what you may NOT realize is that many schools (at least those in the Northern Hemisphere) have a closed-toe shoe policy firmly in place. Rather than argue if this makes sense or not (I admit I don’t completely understand the reasons behind the policies — safety? Nail polish?), it’s way more fun to cruise the internet for sparkly and/or brightly-colored closed-toe slip-on shoes like these red wool shoes by the folks at TOMS ($29).

Nice for tender feet: let’s chat about soft shoes for babies and toddlers

Every so often I can’t resist the urge to gawk at material cuteness, and right now I am totally in love with little baby and toddler feet wrapped up in Robeez. I (foolishly! FOOLISHLY!) spent my son’s infancy under the impression that it would be silly to put him in shoes. I distinctly remember being told once that he should be in shoes because it was cold out, and I remember looking the person in question in the eye and pointing out that my child had on two layers of socks.

I’m looking for winter pregnancy shoes that are comfy AND warm

My question for current and future mamas out there: what are the best possible shoes I can buy for safe, comfortable winter wear during and after my pregnancy? I’d love to find something that can be worn all day, and even better, something that I can wear in front of co-workers without getting the “oh, you adorable pregnant creature, you” face. I’m not necessarily looking for specific shoes or boots, just styles and shapes that mamas before me have found to be friendly for potentially size-shifting feet in less-than-perfect weather.