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Make your own boney shoes fit for a Grim Reaper on holiday

My house is one stone sarcophagus from becoming a crypt, thanks to the piles of skeletons, bones, skulls, and various asunder bits and pieces that could be turned into bones given the right time. So of course I figured I needed to add more to my bone collection with boney shoes…

Shoe organization to avoid the mountain of shoes by your front door

What systems do you have for storing shoes by the entrance to your home? All of those cute little 12 x 12inch cubby systems or baskets in a drawers don’t work because I can fit one (if that!) of my husband’s shoes per basket. And boots don’t fit in those cubbies, either. How do you avoid the mountain of shoes by the door?

Secrets from a high-end shoe store: How to find, fit, and maintain comfy shoes (and no, there are no unicorns)

I used to think everyone’s feet hurt at the end of the day. This is not true or, at least, it’s less true than you might imagine. I’ve learned a lot working in a shoe store. It isn’t some fast fashion mall shop — I work for a high-end store focusing on comfort shoes. Here are some things that I’ve learned to keep your shoes on your feet more than they’re off your feet.

Break out a new pair of comfy warm slippers for Fall!

We had a reader request for a roundup of “comfy warm slippers for Fall.” And that’s what I’m about to give ya.

We have slippers that range from silly (Cats! Hobbits! Unicorns!) to tech-y (slippers that warm your feet via USB)! Check ’em out and slip ‘me on…

Use a bag of water to stretch out your shoes

Try filling Ziplock bags with water and inserting the entire bag (now ziplocked closed) into the shoe. Then put the shoe with said bag inside it into the freezer.

Super comfy-comfs walking shoes for daily wear

YOU GUYS. I am fucking excited about this post today. As y’all probably know, I’ve been obsessing over wedding shoes on Offbeat Bride since George Bush was in office… but a reader recently requested a post of (get this!) comfortable walking shoes. WALKING SHOES! For daily wear! This is amazing, because here’s a little secret: I can’t really walk in heels. Platforms I can handle, but despite my love of pumps, I grew up barefoot and worked at a Birkenstock store in college and seriously? I can’t walk in heels.

Supporting our daughters as they define what femininity means to them

I don’t want to raise my daughter thinking that this is what it means to be a lady — that the prevailing pink culture is what defines femininity. I want her to know it’s okay to get muddy, that it’s alright to wear Mutant Ninja Turtle shoes if she wants because these things won’t make her any less a girl.

Comfy flats for early pregnancy and post-partum living

For some of us, comfy shoes are a BIG DEAL during pregnancy. I remember being surprised by how quickly my feet started aching during my first trimester, and it was to the comfy shoes that I trod.