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Pervertible: my exercise equipment’s sexy secret use

Oh lord, I hope my father never reads this post, or else he’ll find out that he gave my husband one of our favorite “marital aids” without even knowing it.

If the baby co-sleeps in bed with you, where do you have sex?

Ok, co-sleepers: riddle us this! How do you co-sleep and keep your sex lives active in your bed?

Incontinence pads saved my new mattress from messy sex

When we set up the bed, I realized I was terrified. The mattress was SO WHITE, and I desperately wanted it to stay that way. Ten years of sleeping on mattresses stained with other people’s bodily fluids had done me in. I became obsessed with keeping the mattress clean…

How do you talk to your kids about people kissing on TV?

While watching TV last night, my 5 year old son asked why two characters were kissing. What’s the best age-appropriate way to talk about this with him?

The cunnilingus chair

A while back, I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my relationship with my favorite armchair. Come with me as I recount our many wonderful years together.

I’m a bisexual mama raising my child in queer-friendly home

Can you identify as bisexual and “reap heterosexuality’s benefits” by being pregnant?

Dealing with super painful post-partum sex, aka vulvar vestibulodynia

After three frustrating years, many visits to fertility clinics that ultimately resulted in nothing, we found ourselves pregnant in the late Spring of 2009. Aside from the regular baby chaos, everything has gone extremely well. Except for one thing: sex. I can’t have it.

Talking to your kids about dad’s vasectomy

Christine is the thirty-something mama of five kids (ages range from six to sixteen) and author of The Bean Blog. She wrote a post about telling her kids about her husband’s vasectomy.