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Always be prepared: How much water do I need to keep on hand in case of emergency?

If disaster strikes tonight, if Godzilla comes down your street, crushing the pavement, ripping up water lines and making travel difficult, will you be prepared? Part of running a household means making contingency plans. How will you stay safe and healthy in case of natural disaster, monster infestation, disease outbreak, service interruption, alien invasion, civil unrest, or war?

Defend your home with designer objects from American Design Club

This month American Design Club opened a show based on this simple prompt: You’ve just heard something in the other room. What would you want to grab to defend yourself? Perhaps a Molotov Cocktail Lamp? Or perhaps a Bat Rack?

Dangers at home, Jayne Cobb, and moving supplies in this week’s reader photos

What up! On Mondays we start the week with a few photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and Pinterest, and send you off with interesting links: revamping Chuck Taylors, new zines to read, and more.

6 lessons I learned when we were robbed

Coming home after a long day at work, it was a shock to see our front door wide open — even more disturbing to see everything upended.

How far should I go to protect my family?

One of the weirdest conversations I’ve had as an adult was the time my husband and I talked about safety in our new home. There had been a few home invasions in the area, where men had entered houses at night and demanded money or else pistolwhipping. Our conversation wandered from deadbolt locks to mace to, “What if we got a gun?”

Non-permanant home security system for apartment-dwellers

I had one of those spooky nights last week — one where I had too many scary thoughts and every noise was a serial killer or a monster coming for me.

Irrational fears aside, it made me realize I haven’t taken any security precautions in my flat. I’ve lived here for a while, but whatever I do still needs to be non-permanent.

What can I do to keep my mind calm and my body safe?

Is it time for a landline?

Like many other twentysomethings, I haven’t had a landline phone since I moved out of my parents’ house. My husband and I both use our cell phones as our primary phones, and never even considered needing a phone line for the house. It seemed like an unnecessary monthly expense.

But now that we’re getting ready to expand our family, I’m starting to wonder if a landline makes some sense. Unlike cell phones, a plain old telephone system usually works in power outages, won’t run out of battery, and may be more reliable in emergency situations.

Have you ever been thankful to have a landline for your family, or had a situation where you wish you had one?

Our corner has noisy, dangerous traffic. What can I do to change it?

The tl;dr version: I live on a dangerous noisy corner and I want to change that. I’m really hoping you guys can help me find a solution.