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Smoke alarms and first aid kits that make safety cute and magical

YOU GUYS I found this amazing smoke detector! It’s totally real. It is a chickadee that sings when it detects smoke. Oh my. And look what else I found in the category of safety products!

Yes, we did it: turning the car seat around before the age of 1

Everyone’s more than a little touchy when it comes to car seat rules, and we made our decision based on what we perceived as being developmentally sound for our son.

Proactive communication: a toddler who doesn’t say “no.”

Addie’s 18 month old son, Conan, doesn’t say “no.” Like, ever. THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, people. Or parenting.

Dealing with fears while roadtripping with a baby

Taking a road trip with a baby was a great experience. In part because it felt like it set a good precedent for family adventures — and in part because at times I was terrified.

Calculated risk, or why I let my kid sleep on his stomach

I’m not stupid: I know that it’s recommended that infants sleep on their backs, and I understand why it’s recommended. SIDS is scary, terrifying stuff — and the fact it’s still mired in mystery means that there’s extra fear around it.

Childproof your home — not your life

We baby proof our lives so much we get scared. We as parents want to protect our children, but I think we’re over protecting them 90% of the time.