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Having a baby made me an atheist

Before she was pregnant, Amy was a regular church-attending Seventh Day Adventist, and after? Not so much.

Raising babies in a two religion household

So I’ve done it. I’ve outed myself as a Jew with baptized children.

Respecting myself and my step-daughter’s mother

We live in a world where being raised in a home with both of your parents is becoming a fairy tale. I am one of a rare breed whose parents are happily married and after thirty years are still very much in love. When I was a precocious teenager and acting out in school I found it funny to justify my actions with sarcastic coos of “I’m sorry, I’m having a difficult time right now. I’m coming to terms with coming from a two parent household.”

Our secular baby-welcoming ceremony

When our baby Gene was born, my partner Martin and I had already decided during our pregnancy that there was going to be no christening/baptism or anything along those lines as we simply didn’t go to church or follow a religion.

But we DID want to have some sort of ceremony. Here’s what we came up with…

Awesome post on constructive communication with family

Dale Mcgowan wrote a great post recently about dealing with disagreements with extended family, and about how it’s not about “win/lose” conversations or proving to anyone that your beliefs are right, but rather working toward common goals: In most cases, the problem isn’t that Grandma is actively preventing you from parenting the way you want—it’s […]

Can you be pagan and celebrate Christmas with your kids?

I love cheesy Christmas songs, I love fairy lights. On the other hand, I feel hypocritical at the school Nativity play.