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How I “survived” my religious homeschooling upbringing

I have tattoos, I work in a library, I’m liberal, pro-choice, and try to eat local … and when I tell people I was homeschooled, I tend to get raised eyebrows.

Why some feminists can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs

Haven’t you heard? According to one journalist, Mormon housewife blogs are all the rage for some folks you might not expect.

My son and his (four!) fairy godparents

What began as my own desire for Escher’s education turned into four people who were honored and utterly enthusiastic about being in his life.

How to be a Godless Godmother

I am an atheist punk, and have been since about the age of 12. My best friend, and mother of my godchild, is Christian. We respect each other’s viewpoints and have adopted each other as family, so it only made sense that when she got married and started procreating that I would be officially added to her new family – as the godmother.

The Santa Fiasco (and owning our Unbelief)

Amy and her husband are atheists, and have also opted out of raising their daughter to believe in Santa Claus. Sometimes, especially in groups of little kids, this can be tricky.

Teaching my child kindness and religion

Ashley was raised Catholic, and is struggling with how to teach her son the values she cherishes from her faith, but to deter him from picking up the traits that she finds less than desirable.

How my family says grace without bringing capital R Religion into it

I’ve always struggled with whether to pray before dinner. I wanted a way to say thanks for the food and acknowledge Ms. Earth’s contribution to our meal without bringing capital R Religion into it.

Something a little more than,
“Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub.”

And something a little less than,
“And these thy gifts from thy bounty…”

Graphic novels about religion and spirituality for kids

Graphic novels provide an offbeat way for parents to talk about various religions or spiritual beliefs with their kids.