My plan for raising Pagan children

I intend to raise my child in a Pagan household. I've come to see that this means different things to different people, and a lot of it probably has to do with our own experiences of childhood and religion.When I say "raising a child Pagan," I mean that he or she will be living their life in a largely Pagan household.

How do we celebrate ALL holidays this season?

My family of three is still very young, but we're trying to beat our own path as best we can. We've recently (gently) let go of our religious upbringings, and we're trying to see things through a broader scope. With the holidays coming up, I'd like celebrate with a more open mind. How do other "offbeat" families out there incorporate other cultures into their holiday festivities to form their own traditions?


How can I create a peaceful, Buddhist-inspired bedroom for my child?

I've been searching for Buddhist-inspired baby and/or kid's rooms online — and I haven't found much. Many of the rooms I'm finding are for adults, and I'm not sure how to incorporate the ideas into a kid's room. I would love to see other people's creative takes on creating a Buddhist (any branch of Buddhism) baby nursery. How have you created a bedroom inspired by Buddhism for your kids?