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Debunking the myth of a “natural birth”

Does it take a vaginal delivery or medication-free labor to have a “natural” birth? We don’t think so.

What are the pros and cons of being a self-employed parent?

Being self-employed rocks on many levels, but trying to fit all the things you need and want to do into the hours of the day can sometimes really suck.

I’m a bisexual mama raising my child in queer-friendly home

Can you identify as bisexual and “reap heterosexuality’s benefits” by being pregnant?

Stop “trying to be good” in your birth choices

“The more I talked with my doula, the more I realized that not scheduling an induction, not having an epidural, etc. was me trying to be good. Trying to do it right…”

How roller derby changed my daughter’s life

Zeke’s daughter began participating in her local Junior Derby in 2009, and quickly came into her own as a result. He writes about how roller derby has changed her for the positive.

Five offbeat movie mamas who make us proud

I love movies and I love moms, so it makes sense that I would love moms who are in movies! Here are five of my fave offbeat movie mamas — who are yours?

The terrorism of health recommendations for mothers

“It seems like every time I turn around there is another warning about BPA, VOCs or phthalates in products. Just how terrified should I be?”

What no one told me about post-partum life

I wish people had given me specific examples of adjustments they made after giving birth. So knowing that, here are my observations as a new mom of three weeks.