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Rainbow flatware and cutlery round-up: like a pot of gold for your mouth

Reader Emma recently shared a link to this set of rainbow flatware from Fiesta, and I TOTALLY get why she was so stoked about it — how happy would you be to open up your silverware drawer and see these smiling up at you? Just knowing this set existed had me wondering what ELSE in the world might be rainbow-adorned, designed for you to eat with it, and not made of plastic — and here’s what I found.

Add a rainbow to your stairwell

So you don’t have the hallway or the cash to rock a rainbow hallway runner? But you do have a stairwell that needs sprucing up? Steal Hyla Waldron’s rainbow stairwell paint job idea! Hyla uploaded this pic to our Flickr Pool AND added, “Rainbow stairs: And my husband doesn’t hate them!”

Rainbow hallway runner will make your day

Remember when Alice shared her de-beige-ified rental kitchen? Well she’s added a butt-ton of color to her hallway, too — with this awesome pants rainbow runner!

I begged her for more details on how she achieved this rainbow hallway look, and she divulged the goods!

Turn your fireplace into a light show with rainbow fire crystals

Add some rainbow to your fireplace with Rainbow Flame Crystals. Ooh, or how could would this rainbow light show be for your outdoor fire pit!? Just sprinkle these crystals on your fire place, wood stoves or campfires — the colored flames last for about 10 to 40 minutes.

Yarn-pocalypse: Boring corner overhaul

Big fuzzy yarn-fluffy thanks to Honolulu Homie Lauren for uploading this color orgy of a moment into our Flickr pool. Or as she referred to it… “Yarn-pocalypse: Boring corner overhaul.” The moment I saw it pop up like rainbow magic in our Flickr pool, I just had to know more… paintings, dinosaurs, what’s hanging up over the kitchen pass through!? Amazing. And Lauren was more than happy to tell us all about her moment.

Let’s all pretend we’re mermaids and move to this rainbow seashell-inspired house

I didn’t know it at the time, but in 2006 the geniuses behind Arquitectura Orgánica designed and built MY (new) DREAM HOME: this mollusk-shaped, rainbow-window adorned abode.

How I failed at making rainbow slime and ended up with ’80s-themed goop instead

I recently found what I believed would be a SUPER simple tutorial for making your own rainbow slime with glue, liquid starch, and food coloring. You may recall that I’m somewhat DIY challenged, so I must have still been riding the high I achieved last month with my shiny leaf art on Offbeat Home. I was all, “Rainbow slime? I’VE GOT THIS.”

Learn how to make your own homemade rainbow cake

April of April Knits, Cooks and Reads made her own layered rainbow wedding cake and posted a great tutorial on her blog including her cake recipe, how she colored the layers, and the assembly. She was able to make the layers about a week ahead of time and freeze them before assembling and icing the whole shebang.