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Hoodwinked, one father’s take on the circumcision debate

I understand all of the arguments for and against circumcision, which makes this decision even more difficult. There a lot of things to take into account; religious, societal, medical and familiarity…

I left the music festival because it was too loud: Untangling the threads of a impending offbeat mama identity crisis

My identity as an electronic music fan (yes, ok fine: raver) dates back to 1996. But things shifted when I got pregnant.

“I thought you didn’t want kids!”

I waited as long as possible to announce my pregnancy. I told my oldest friends first. And the first reactions were: “Congratulations?” “Oh. Wow.” “I thought you didn’t want kids!”

How maternity fashion is keeping me sane

Have y’all heard of Wardrobe Remix? It’s this Flickr group where people post photos of their real, everyday outfits.

My favorite family pix from Pixie Vision Productions

I’ve featured Pixie Vision Productions‘ wedding photography on Offbeat Bride, but who knew that Pixie also does fucking awesome offbeat family portraits? I mean, I guess I should have guessed … after all, those offbeat weddings often go on to produce offbeat families! That said, Pixie’s unique spin on unique families produces portraits that totally […]