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Help! What's the best way to store dirty cloth diapers?

Help! What’s the best way to store dirty cloth diapers?

We are 32 weeks pregnant with our first child and planning on cloth diapering. I’m looking for a little bit of guidance on how to store the dirty diapers until wash time. I looked on the internet but still felt confused after reading about dry pails v. wet pails while other people recommend getting a bidet sprayer to attach to the toilet. I would love to hear what other people do in the time between a diaper getting dirty and laundry time.

I tried out a space-age automatic cleaning kitty litter box to see if it was worth the hype

Is The LITTER ROBOT Worth It? We test a high tech litter box

I own two kitties who love to crap. All the time. I recently got the chance to try out a product I’d been eyeballing FOREVER: a Litter-Robot! Yep, one of those fancy-pants automated litter box cleaning machines. Plus it’s the really nice kind that isn’t cheap and it shows.

I decided to give it a whirl to see if a robo-litter box from the future was the better way I was seeking.

My area is going plastic bag free. How do I dispose of this cat poop?

In Australia, our big supermarkets are about to switch to being plastic bag free.

I’m all for this, but I regularly use the bags to dispose of icky kitty litter and was hoping I could get some suggestions as to more environmentally friendly (and hopefully cheap) options?

The straight poop: Why you should think about using squat toilets

There are advocates, both, for and against squatting as a main method of using the bathroom. But it’s interesting to note that squatters outnumber sitters across the world!

Where do you stand (or sit, or squat) on the great toilet debate?

Hardcore ways to survive a drought (or just save money on your water bill)

Did you know that about 25% of the continental United States is in extreme drought conditions right now? The ’10s saw a long drought in Australia that led to deadly fires, and parts of central Europe are below normal rainfall levels right now. Climate change brings weather extremes, throwing once-regular rain patterns out of whack. Even if your hometown is currently nice and wet, it might not be in the future. And besides, saving money on your water bill isn’t a bad thing. So try some of these hardcore hacks to save water…

Using dung beetles to keep poop in check and other backyard hacks for your dogs

In our post about composting pet waste Homie Maria told us how she used dung beetles in her backyard to keep her dog’s poop in check. Of course we were all very intrigued, so Maria was kind enough to let us in on the dung beetle details. Including some other brilliant backyard hacks thought up by her gardening genius late husband…

Has anyone tried composting their pet waste?

I’ve been thinking about alternative methods to dispose of my dog’s waste. There seems to be some controversy over the best disposal method. Has anyone tried composting pet waste? Is anyone aware of the environmental impacts of composting pet waste compared to throwing it in the garbage?

Indonesian bathrooms and the beauty of the “butt hose”

Initially, the idea of forgoing toilet paper and embracing the butt hose made me cringe. It didn’t take long, though, for me to adapt — and now I’m a total convert. When we visit countries that use toilet paper, I feel gross and dirty. I suffer from butt hose withdrawals!