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How do I explain my sister’s polyamorous relationship to my kid?

My sister (who lives just a few miles away and is very involved in my life and the life of our large extended family) is part of an open polyamorous quad. All four individuals live together in the same house and one of the women (not my sister) is expecting a baby in the fall. Once baby arrives, I know that it will (and should) become apparent to my two oldest children that these people are more than roommates.

Parents going poly: how to begin a polyamorous relationship when you already have kids

I am part of a couple who is considering bringing a third person into our relationship — not just in a relationship, but fully integrated into our family. As three intelligent, consenting adults, we have few problems with moving towards making this arrangement a reality, and we intend to live together.

Why sectionals are great for polyamorous relationships

Nothing reveals the shortcomings of nuclear family home furnishings quite like polyamorous relationships. In order to maintain sustainable relationships, polyamorous or not, partners must feel that they are receiving enough attention. Everyone’s needs are different, but for snuggly folks like my partners, our living room set-up was really holding us back. Until we bought our sectional.

How can I start talking to my partner about opening our relationship?

I’ve been dating my wonderful boyfriend for six years and I love him very much. Over the last year though, I’ve started to change my beliefs on monogamy and have read quite a few books on polyamory (Including Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships). I really feel like it’s a lifestyle I would like to pursue in some form, but including my current boyfriend. I’ve tried to ease into the subject with my boyfriend in the least threatening way I can think of (only relationships with other women, I’ve never mentioned other men), but he gets defensive and shuts the conversation down. How can we talk about this?

“Bonus Mom” and other name alternatives: what are your favorite terms for additional parents?

Reader Brigitte recently emailed us about this comment that contains an awesome alternative to step-mom, “Bonus parent.” Clearly bonus [insert parent here] is great since it can be applied to so many relationships, but what other terms are you guys using in your families?

A polyamorous quad welcomes their first child

This is not a “normal” birth story. Which makes sense, since my family is not a normal family. Please note the lack of quotes that second time — it’s with good reason. While every birth is unique in it’s own way, and thereby not “normal”, most families in the United States welcoming a baby go through a fairly similar experience. And we had some of that, but when you are a family of four polyamorous adults, nothing is “simple”, “easy” or “normal” when compared to most people.

How can we get a toddler ready for a not-quite-sibling?

Anie and her husband are a pregnant half of a polyamorous couple. How can they get their partner’s children ready for impending birth?

It truly does take a village: polyamorous parenting and creating space for children

If you find yourself suddenly hosting a new child or two, making a new bedroom can be a challenge. Here’s an example of how to do it inexpensively and swiftly.