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Sweet organic goodness your offbeatling can wear, play with, or sleep in

The first thing I do whenever I find a new place online filled to the brim with sweet baby-and-toddler clothing goodness is cruise over to the “sale” section. This is half because I have this thing about buying new clothes (why do it when there are so many gently used clothes just lying around) and partly because I can’t bring myself to justify spending a third of my rent on something for my two-and-a-half-year-old to wear. SO color me stoked when I discovered that Wild Dill’s sale section is the cutest thing this side of… wherever they’re from.

Why we shop at our dingey local grocery instead of the place with all the possibly-better food across town

While we have several quality grocery stores that sell all kinds of delicious, organic, 100% good-for-you kind of food, we tend to opt to shop at our local supermarket instead. And by local, I don’t mean locally-grown, I mean… right down the street. We don’t do this because it’s close per se — the location is part of the appeal, but that’s because John, the man who owns the store, employs people who live in and around our immediate area. His store services people who live near us, and we routinely see the same people working and the same people shopping.

A day in the life of an organic farming family

I have been working on a photo documentary for a few years now. The subject is local natural and organic farmers/farming, and the concept is something that my husband Nick and I have been passionate about for the last six years. I am not exactly sure where it started… or how.

Giving up groceries: How we cut supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores from our diet

My husband and I gave up buying food from chains. Now we grow much of our food and buy the rest locally — and it wasn’t that hard.

Care for your lawn organically and on the cheap

When my husband and I started talking about buying a house, I had a major hangup: lawn care. Yes, I am that much of a hippie that I didn’t want to buy a house because it had a lawn.

Let me tell you about the box of produce I get from a farm each week

The first time I heard of CFAs was back in 2003, visiting relatives on Long Island. I was chilling in their kitchen when my aunt comes bursting into the door, cardboard box in tow, squealing, “The CFA is here!” My immediate thought: WTF is a CFA?

From birth to teens, we’ve got your books about recycling

It’s Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than by stocking up on books that preach environmental-friendliness? Then you can go plant a tree or something cool like that.