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How do I find a financial advisor for non-rich folks?

My brand new husband and I are muddling through figuring out our money and I thought that seeing a financial adviser would be a great idea. I started looking for fee-only financial advisers in Los Angeles and I found that by and large, these folks are for rich people. One even said they won’t talk to you if you make less than $200,000 per year. I feel like professional help is in order, but who do I get it from?

5 things nobody told me about changing my last name

I was not prepared for having a new name. It was a very difficult decision for me, and though I chose to give up my last name in favor of my partner’s, I had a full blown identity crisis in the months after the wedding. I found myself constantly saying, “Nobody told me about this.” Here are a few things that I discovered, just to further inform those of you who are contemplating the “big switch.”

Have yourself a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Are you too broke to fly home for Thanksgiving? Do you, like me, not know how to cook a Thanksgiving meal for yourself? Homie BobbityBets has a brilliant idea: throw an easy-peasy Charlie Brown-style Thanksgiving!

Monday Moment: kitchen cabinet organization nerdy treasure hunt-style

I LOVE seeing a fresh moments in our Flickr pool! This one was great because last week I showed you how moments can look awesome when they’re scattered, and now we can celebrate one that’s been all proudly organized… with a nerdy treasure hunt to boot!

We just moved in together! How can we create a space that feels comfortable to both of us?

My fiance and I just bought our first home. Until now, we have lived with his mom in his childhood bedroom; i.e. we have never had to decorate a space together. Now that we are moving in together, it is becoming very apparent that our tastes do not match. What do I compromise on and put my foot down on? How do I figure the difference?

Will living together before marriage ruin your relationship?

I recently read the New York Times article The Downside of Cohabitating Before Marriage, and found myself filled with thoughts…

We lost the TV and found bowling dates, sleep, and a travel budget

While in college, we gave up TV in order to see more of each other. Seven years and two kids later, and we’re still without TV — and it’s enabled us to live more richly!

So, you’re moving in together: 10 ways to combine your crap

When you begin to cohabitate, it’s SO HARD to combine your crap. You’re getting used to living with someone else while, at the same time, wading through mountains of said crap. I recently went on a crazed mission to clear up some of the clutter in our small kitchen and found we currently own three nearly-full containers of salt. I kept the salt, but once I threw out all the expired product and organized the dishes and cooking supplies, it became apparent that — despite having had completely full cabinets and fridge — we had almost no food.

I can help you avoid the same fate.