Have yourself a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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Last year Offbeat Homie BobbityBets and her newlywed partner had what they called a “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

This is our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. We couldn’t afford to fly home from South Carolina to California to be with family and couldn’t afford a major feast either, so we did our Thanksgiving Charlie Brown-style! It was a sweet way to start our lifetime of holiday celebrations together.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 2

So, like the Peanuts gang in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, they dined on this amazing menu:

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 3

  • Two slices of buttered toast
  • Pretzel sticks
  • A handful of popcorn
  • And jelly beans!

Now THAT is a Megan-simple Thanksgiving meal. I’m totally keeping this on the back-burner for the year my chef friends get sick of me mooching off their amazing Thanksgiving meals.

Also, have a happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are, who you are (or are not) with, and whatever you’re nomming on.

Comments on Have yourself a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  1. Haha, that got me thinking about which one of those would be best as a combo. My vote is pretzel stick sandwiches.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Megan!

    • Why do “pretzel stick sandwiches” sound so good to me!?

      Happy Thanksgiving right back at ya, Jackie. 🙂

  2. My family has done this for years as the snack for mingling before the main dinner! I usually get too full on the pop corn hehe.

  3. My partner just flipped out with excitement when he saw this. He works in retail and we can’t do Thanksgiving together (and we’re too broke for a feast, and for the two of us it just isn’t practical) – I think we’ve just found a new tradition for the two of us! It’s his go-to meal suggestion for “what’s for dinner,” anyway, so an excuse to actually have this once a year may just be the best thing in the world in his opinion. 🙂

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