Have yourself a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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Last year Offbeat Homie BobbityBets and her newlywed partner had what they called a “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

This is our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. We couldn’t afford to fly home from South Carolina to California to be with family and couldn’t afford a major feast either, so we did our Thanksgiving Charlie Brown-style! It was a sweet way to start our lifetime of holiday celebrations together.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 2

So, like the Peanuts gang in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, they dined on this amazing menu:

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 3

  • Two slices of buttered toast
  • Pretzel sticks
  • A handful of popcorn
  • And jelly beans!

Now THAT is a Megan-simple Thanksgiving meal. I’m totally keeping this on the back-burner for the year my chef friends get sick of me mooching off their amazing Thanksgiving meals.

Also, have a happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are, who you are (or are not) with, and whatever you’re nomming on.

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  1. My partner just flipped out with excitement when he saw this. He works in retail and we can’t do Thanksgiving together (and we’re too broke for a feast, and for the two of us it just isn’t practical) – I think we’ve just found a new tradition for the two of us! It’s his go-to meal suggestion for “what’s for dinner,” anyway, so an excuse to actually have this once a year may just be the best thing in the world in his opinion. 🙂

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