Has anyone gone back to their maiden name after marriage?

I got married a year ago and changed my name. Now, after a year of honest reflection, I can say that I don't like it. I'm currently putting out feelers on resuming the use of my maiden name and in the process, I am running into tons of negativity. Have any of you out there stayed married but went back to your maiden name? How did you handle any criticism or negative feedback? Did you feel better once it was done?


Kaci and Roy: from a vintage junkyard wedding to producing cheerleading plays

We've continued to travel the world teaching and performing together. We've gone to countless new cities in the past four years, including Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Montreal, Orlando, Atlanta, Brighton, London, and Edinburgh. In Edinburgh we were on the High Street flyering for our show in make-up and costumes when we were recognized from our wedding video (posted on our Offbeat Bride profile), and that was pretty damn awesome. Roy had since quit his job at IBM and works part-time doing programming work and part-time working on the theater. He is much, much happier since he took the plunge to leave his 9-to-5.


Johanna & Gesche: From Swedish faery wedding to working hard (but not on their love)

Well not that much has happened or changed… We've been traveling, getting more tattoos, and decorating our apartment. We decided we're not ready for kids yet so we're adopting another kitten. Our love life hasn't changed much, neither has our every day life. Except that we have more time planning our time and future together now that we don't have to plan a wedding anymore (we were engaged for almost three of the five years we've been together before the wedding after all). We're both working full time jobs and between that and friends/family and the kittens, time just flies by.