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I love you but leave: evicting a good roommate

I’m a grad student, and I currently live in a flat with another grad student, who’s been living here over a year.

The problem is, my boyfriend will be coming back into the country in a few months and would really like to move in with me. I’m trying to find a supportive, non-pressuring way to ask my flatmate if she can commit to moving out on a particular date so he can move in…How do I work this?

Moving announcements devoid of flowery language and sentimentality

New address notices are so often overlooked even though they’re SO FUN to send. But most of them? They’re all floral la-dee-da and decorative words about the warmth of home — which is great, but that might not feel right for you. Take a look at these ideas for cheeky (HA!) and less-than-usual moving announcements for your next move.

Making an event out of moving in together

After a year of dating, the girl of my dreams and I are moving in together. This will be our first time living with someone we are dating, and I was wondering if the Empire had any suggestions on ways we can make our apartment feel a little more special in the first few days?

My partner wants a bland palette in our new home. What can I do to keep color alive?

If my current house was an analogy of a clown puking all over everything — which is a description I’ve heard — the new house would make that same clown drop dead from sadness. What can I do?!

How to impress a potential landlord: the rental resume

…I would save myself the time of filling out rental applications over and over, and I would also make it clear that while maybe we looked weird, we were responsible tenants who had their shit together.

My solution? The rental resume.

Peacefully integrating my partner into my house

I had three years to settle into My Way before my then-fiance moved into my house. And we learned I’m not very good at sharing my space. After a very tense month of Mo walking on eggshells and me taking the brunt of the housework, I realized something needed to give… and that thing was me.