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Single-living vs. couple-living: one woman’s pros and cons

I’m quite satisfied with the single life. Though I’ve really loved loving and living with my manfolk too. They are very, very different lifestyles. I’ve been having a funny feeling that I’m going to meet someone soon, and it’s leading me to wonder if I even really want to. I’ve been contemplating single versus couple life a lot lately…

Make compromises within a relationship that don’t mean sacrificing your values

I had a lot of time to fantasize about my future and prospective living situations, and the idea of a vegan, eco-friendly, ethical household was appealing to me. So when I met my now-fiancée and the topic of moving in together came up, it was apparent that some compromises were going to have to be made on someone’s end. The compromises didn’t come without some heated discussions. While having these conversations with my fiancée, it occurred to me that a lot of my choices that tried to incorporate ethical consumerism were a lot about boycotting. I decided that from now on, instead of focusing exclusively on cutting things out of my shopping list, I’ll do things that support causes I believe in instead.

What to buy before you move (and what to avoid buying until afterward)

My fiancee and I would like to move in together, but the actual date of the move in has been pushed back. Both of us currently live with our ‘rents and have never lived outside the ‘rents home before, so we don’t have any apartment stuff. I was thinking of purchasing some things for the apartment and keeping them stored in my current abode. My mother’s advice was this: don’t buy too much stuff, because it might not fit in to your apartment – aesthetic wise or space wise. So my question to Homies is this: what do you wish you had as soon as you moved in, and what could you have done without or what would you liked to have purchased AFTER you moved?

Childhood Home loss: how can I help make it better?

My fiance and I just moved into our own apartment and I am elated. We have, in our almost seven years together, never had our own place before. But my fiance is having a hard time dealing with the move, as the house we just moved out of was the one he was literally born in. Can anyone help with suggestions of how to make him feel welcome and happy in our new home, and not feel like he just lost his entire childhood?

We just moved in together! How can we create a space that feels comfortable to both of us?

My fiance and I just bought our first home. Until now, we have lived with his mom in his childhood bedroom; i.e. we have never had to decorate a space together. Now that we are moving in together, it is becoming very apparent that our tastes do not match. What do I compromise on and put my foot down on? How do I figure the difference?

Growing up: Can I settle down and be offbeat at the same time?

I am having cold feet about the next stage of my life. Homies, is my reluctance to buy a house and move in with my significant other a warning sign? Am I giving up an exciting, quirky life by planning to settle down?

I picked up and moved my house across town (and then I moved out)

I bought this house when I was 20 years old. I bought the home SEPARATE from the lot and I had it MOVED ACROSS TOWN. That was an experience in itself!

I worked and worked to gut and remodel it. I didn’t know what I was doing and many things were done incorrectly. When I moved in, after 2 years of working, I didn’t have trim or interior doors. My furniture was a cobbled mess of thrift store finds that I planned on SOMEDAY refinishing. And I was happy in my pile of a home!

So, you’re moving in together: 10 ways to combine your crap

When you begin to cohabitate, it’s SO HARD to combine your crap. You’re getting used to living with someone else while, at the same time, wading through mountains of said crap. I recently went on a crazed mission to clear up some of the clutter in our small kitchen and found we currently own three nearly-full containers of salt. I kept the salt, but once I threw out all the expired product and organized the dishes and cooking supplies, it became apparent that — despite having had completely full cabinets and fridge — we had almost no food.

I can help you avoid the same fate.