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How to talk to your kids about poverty when they’re growing up poor

I grew up very poor. I remember asking my mom if we were poor, because the kids at school said we were. She replied that we were poor by our communities standards, but by worldwide standards we were very fortunate. She talked to me about poverty very frankly and openly, and it really made an impression on me…

A year without buying new clothes

How I’m going a year without buying new clothes for myself OR my kid

I started an experiment to see if I could go completely without buying any new clothes for myself, or for my little girl. And it’s been surprisingly easy.

I’m 6 months in, and here’s how I’m doing it…

How I’m using money to make a difference as a feminist

If you’re feeling like you’re not sure how to proceed as a feminist in the coming years, we love this idea from New York City Art Director, Kindra Meyer. This is her 3 step plan on how she’s going to use money to make a difference for women by women.

10 gift-giving tips to reduce costs and stress this holiday season

The holidays are upon us! And with that comes bloated shopping lists, emotional meltdowns at the mall, and painful credit card bills. The season can be costly, and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are my 10 gift-giving tips and tricks to take it easy on your stress level and budget…

I run credit reports every day: Here are the 6 most common mistakes I see

I work for a landlord and part of my job is screening tenants. That means I run credit reports every day; and decide whether or not an applicant is approved. Most of the time, when someone is rejected it is because many people don’t understand the basics of how credit reporting works.

making a budget

The 411 on creating an effective budget

Most people find creating a budget a daunting thought, but in reality it doesn’t have to be. Once you understand how to go about it, you’ll find that creating a budget is actually a set of logical steps that are quite easy to follow. Here are the basics on efficient budget creation…

What the hell are the financing options for non-traditional homes?

We’d convert the top floor into a swinging loft where we’d reside, and the bottom level would be studio and manufacturing space for my husband’s freelance art business, possibly with a storefront gallery. Yet, we’re having a terrible time finding funding for such a building. Why is it so difficult for banks to catch up to current trends, and be willing to fund live-work scenarios? What financing options are out there for people like us who aren’t at home in a “normal” home?

Garage sale gurus weigh in on how to have a garage sale

I asked my handful of awesome readers if they had any advice for how to have a garage sale. And three of them got back to me with a wealth of great info. It’s interesting to note that from the American South to the American West, all garage sale advice was pretty much the same.