How I’m using money to make a difference as a feminist

Guest post by Kindra Meyer

If you’re feeling like you’re not sure how to proceed as a feminist in the coming years, we love this idea from New York City Art Director, Kindra Meyer…

Kindra Meyer is a bad-ass.
Kindra Meyer is a bad-ass.

MONEY IS POWER. So here is my plan thus far…


Make as much money as I possibly can over the next four years, and have as much of that money be paid to me by straight white men.


Give much of that money to businesses that are owned by oppressed groups. I am working on ideas of how to be able to have an overlay on Yelp or Google to identify which businesses are run by women, minorities and LGBT so we can purposefully choose to support them. (If you have ideas/connections on this please reach out to me.)

I also plan to give and raise thousands a year to organizations who will be on the front lines as this administration tried to strip our human rights.


One of the reasons the pay gap exists is that women are not taught how to invest, I want to help change that. And will be working with some boss bitches like Anita Nedeljkovic on starting a monthly investing group to help educate ourselves on the stock market and beyond to grow our financial and mental wealth. Eventually sharing that knowledge with young women to get them investing from the time they reach adulthood.

The point is trying to get our share, and profit all we possibly can, so we can sink that money into places it’s truly needed. And shut out the corporations that are benefitting from all this hate.

Everyone has their path this is just my first attempt at thinking about actions I will take moving forward.

What are your plans on how to make a difference as a feminist?

Comments on How I’m using money to make a difference as a feminist

  1. I have no knowledge or connections that would help get an overlay of female-, minority-, or LGBT- owned businesses onto Yelp or Google, but in its absence, if your local library subscribes to ReferenceUSA, you can use its business directory to search for businesses by executive’s gender or ethnic background. Go to the advance search and look for those boxes to check under the “executives” section, then add the area you’re searching under “geography,” and if you’re looking for a certain kind of business and not just all of them operated by a member of the group in question in the vicinity, check “keyword” under the business type.

    You’d have to get in by following the link from the website of a library where you have a card to be covered by their subscription, but every library that I’ve dealt with that subscribes does allow access from any computer with your card number.

    • Thank you! This is super helpful. I am meeting with a neighborhood group and something we’ve discussed is wanting to support businesses owned by PoC, women, and others that might be particularly vulnerable to what this next administration has in store for us.

  2. I love this so much!! I’ve never really learned anything about finances growing up, so I am trying to teach myself now. I have been enjoying Hilary Hendershott’s podcast Profit Boss Radio. I am also on the Daily Worth email list and I would love to see your post/article on there. Please keep writing and sharing your ideas!

  3. My focus will be on continuing to learn, understand and teach how power and exclusionary violence function in our world. This includes understanding how gender intersects with racism, homophobia, transphobia, nationalism, ableism, environmental destruction, and capitalism to create a range of discriminations and violence. This also includes the really uncomfortable eork of interrogating my own privilege as a white woman.

    My concrete actions will be to support, in every way I can, organizations that understand and fight such violence, whether by donating, participating in letter and phone campaigns, participating in demonstrations, or magnifying their voice in social media. My top priorities at the moment are : local Black Lives Matter chapters, SURJ, Southern Poverty Law Center, Standing Rock/#nodapl, Silvia Rivera Law Project, local organizations supporting glbtq youth, and similar organizations in other countries.

    Needless to say, remaining aware of these issues and the concrete actions they are doing requires that I reject fake news, read international news as well, and follow their social media in ways that don’t allow my knowledge of the world to be determined by Facebook algorithms.

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