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So you have $1000 to spend. WHERE DOES IT GO?

This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we have some extra money to spend on the house. A few hundred bucks for new speakers, or a grand for a couch. Each time we have a windfall we can put into our home, we stall with anxiety. Scott and I have been living together a long time, and out of our parents’ homes for a decade, and just like most people in their late twenties, money like this needs to be used carefully. We can’t just whittle it away on hookers and beer — we’d like a sensible piece of furniture good for a lifetime.

But that anxiety! What if we choose a couch we hate or our car breaks down the week after we paint the living room and then we wish we hadn’t dropped $400 on the job?

How do I come to peace with my membership in a food assistance program?

We recently made the decision to fill out the application for SNAP — a food assistance program — and are waiting for our response. Now I find myself feeling…awkward.

The lie sold to young wanna-be urbanites

I was 21 years old when I moved to San Francisco. I was a glamorous big-city girl and I was ready to LIVE THE DREAM!

…oh, except for the fact that my $11/hr file clerk job barely paid me enough to cover rent and food.

How does it work when both parents work part-time?

So, you’re thinking of both working part-time jobs so that ou have time to spend with the baby. How’s that work, anyway?

When is the right time to have a child?

Ariel and Stephanie weigh in on the question “Am I being foolish by waiting until I feel financially secure before reproducing?”

How much do midwives cost in the United States?

How much do midwives generally charge for their services? My husband and I both have jobs with crummy insurance (What? In the United States? Shocker), and I’m a little worried about the cost of birthing a baby in a hospital. Do midwives offer payment plans, like I’m currently making on my couch? -Eliza Midwives, especially […]