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Realizing that “long-term relationship” is a choice

I’m 28, and my friend circle (both close and extended) is definitely experiencing the first wave of divorces. As someone who regularly contemplated divorce for two years, I can see the appeal: freeeeeeeeeedom. I’m also someone who is adamantly pro-divorce: if it’s not working and you want out, get out. To me, divorce is nothing to be ashamed of regardless of the reasons leading up to it. But yet… I remain un-divorced. Like I said, I’m even happy about it. Why?

On “getting wifed” after getting married

I’ve noticed something now that I’m married… I feel like I’ve totally been getting “wifed” recently, and not-so-much by strangers or friends, but by my family, who really should know me better. From my sister to my father, for some reason everyone assumed I would change because *gasp* “I’m a wife now!”

Should we get divorced but stay together?

When my husband and I weren’t married I had “zero” income. Now that we’re married and I’m on his healthcare and I’m trying to continue my education I’m realizing that my low/no income healthcare was far better than actually being insured. And now I’m worried about me receiving enough aid to finish school. Has anyone else thought about just getting a divorce on paper in order to reap the financial benefits?

Why being in an interfaith relationship rocks

Before my husband and I got married, both sides of our families expressed a little concern about how we were going to navigate the waters of an interfaith relationship. Everyone in his family is Catholic. Just about everyone in mine is Jewish. People kept insisting that it would be so difficult for us — and just think of when we had kids! I have to say, I have found being in an interfaith relationship awesome for so many reasons. Here are a few…

I dislike being a housewife: My struggle with being financially dependent on my spouse

Many women dislike the word “housewife” because of implications of feminism and the stigma of gendered domestic roles. I dislike the word “housewife” because I am one. Well, I don’t dislike the word itself but the actual role. I dislike being a housewife! My husband is not to blame for this; he even tries to mitigate the situation. Its all in my head. But I can’t be the only who feels like this. Whether you prefer the term “housewife/husband,” “homemaker,” or another term entirely, how do you deal with the discomfort of financial dependency on a spouse?

Shift work: Learning to love our offbeat schedules

My fiancé is a police officer. The biggest hurdle this job presents to us as a couple is the schedule. He works afternoon shift and his “weekend” is Wednesday and Thursday. I work a regular daytime Monday through Friday job. After a few years of living together we’ve worked out a happy situation and even found positives in the shift work shuffle.

Will living together before marriage ruin your relationship?

I recently read the New York Times article The Downside of Cohabitating Before Marriage, and found myself filled with thoughts…

The Appreciation Song

Andreas and I have been living together since 1998, and for the most part, we’re pretty solid domestic partners. Basically, ANY TIME we notice the other has done something around the house, we tell them how much we appreciate them. Then, the appreciation started morphing into a little song…