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How a graphic novel helps this millennial cope with living in a cluttered family home

The millennial generation knows too well the need for a room of one’s own and the ache of lacking privacy. The pain of losing privacy is second only to the pain of being surrounded by too much stuff. I find I’m anxious if I’m surrounded by too many things or if I have too little room to move. My physical reasons for being unhappy around clutter are pretty obvious, but reading Bad Houses made me understand the emotional reasons for my clutter-anxiety…

How to move back in with your parents when you have kids

It was only supposed to be temporary, but long story short, a year later we’re still here in my mother-in-law’s basement. I share my bedroom with my husband and almost-two-year-old daughter, while my son sleeps in the upstairs guest room and plans his eighth birthday. We’re getting ready to move back to the Island but in the meantime I’ve been learning how to share space with two other adults who also happen to be my kids’ grandparents.

Getting real, real fast: The pros and cons of family communal living

My home consists of my husband, my two youngest daughters, their husband and boyfriend, my eighteen-month-old granddaughter, three cats, two dogs, a 75-gallon fish tank, and a lizard. We have cohabitated for a year to become the “village” for my granddaughter. Here are some thoughts on the pros and cons of our communal living situation…

How can you cope with the smell of smoking housemates?

I am a non-smoker who is stuck living in a smoky rental house. Sinus problems and health risks aside, I have a sensitive nose and would just like to smell something else for a change. Does anyone have tips to minimize the smell other than Febrezing the crap out of everything?

7 people; 1 bathroom: Learning to love moving back in with my family

I love my family very much, but when I moved away in 2006 I wasn’t looking back. I loved the freedom and thrived on being independent. Then financial disaster struck. I realized that my whole life was about to be packed up in boxes, and my marriage was about to be squeezed into a 5-by-5 bedroom in my parents house.

Help! My life is stuck in a rut

We feel like our life is stuck in a never ending rut of my student loan repayment and unemployment. We are desperate to move into our own place but it never seems possible. Has anyone else ever been stuck like this? How did you find a way out, even a place to start?

How can we smoothly move in with my mom with babies of our own?

My husband, my two kids, and I are getting ready to move back into my childhood home. We’re so excited to get into a larger, safer (better hood), cheaper living situation, but there are some worries on moving back in with my mom… mostly for my husband.Have any of you guys had to making the “moving in with the in-laws” change?

How do you cope during that awkward, post-college phase?

This past June, I graduated from college and came back home from being out of state for four years. My same-age friends have either moved elsewhere, gotten married and blown me off, or live in different places, so I am constantly spending time by myself or trying to fit into age groups that I can’t fit into. How do I cope or make friends in that awkward, post-college, pre-long-term-plans phase?