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The creepiest computer mouse you’ll see today, guaranteed

What do computers, mice, and spiders have in common? Apparently they all come together to make the creepiest office mate you’ve ever purchased.

How to make a natural, non-gross-smelling mosquito repellent

When I’m in the yard, any mosquito is an unwelcome mosquito, but I HATE using store-bought bug spray. Blech. That’s why I’m loving this easy-to-make natural spray — it’s so pleasant and works like a charm.

The easiest way to attract loads of butterflies

The Minnesotan recently shared his success with putting black bananas in his bird bath — this one attracted over a dozen butterflies to feed at one time.

Or maybe this just tells you what NOT to leave in your garden if you’re like Ariel who saw this picture and commented, “These are the fucking ugliest butterflies I’ve ever seen.”

I ate cicadas today — or as I like to call them, “sky lobsters”

I easily gathered eight cicadas while going about my morning chores on Thursday, and I popped them all into the freezer so they would perish quickly and then be ready for a lunch taste test. A couple hours later I cooked ’em up and I served them to myself. I ate giant bugs…and you won’t believe what luxury food they taste like!

An English cottage dream house, camping on the rocks, and a chinchilla spa in this week’s reader photos

Happy Monday, Homies! Good to see you back. In this week’s photos we have a lot of fantasy, and in this week’s Clicky Links there’s a lot of helpful hints.

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A Gaudi-inspired sparkly art nouveau summer house

This is the story of the Russian-style summer house I crafted in my backyard in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In ten months, and for less than £5,000, I took it from clay model a to stained-glassed, mosaiced den place to drink a Guiness whilst foxes run in the garden.

Make yourself a bowl of honey spiced crickets

Sariann and Chelsea are two big fans of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. They are also fans of food. They combine their interests in their unusual cooking blog, Inn at the Crossroads. Here’s their post about a tasty-sounding spiced locust!