The creepiest computer mouse you’ll see today, guaranteed

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I can’t tell if this creepily wonderful Spider Mouse would make me want to use my computer more or less. Which gives me an idea!

Do you have a squeamish child or roommate that you want to discourage from using your computer? Perhaps the mouse that has a real spider embedded in clear acrylic and glows in the dark could be the perfect $28 solution.

You can check it out over on Amazon, along with a delightful plethora of other computer mice/nasty insect hybrids, including scorpions, beetles, and a variety of spiders.

Comments on The creepiest computer mouse you’ll see today, guaranteed

  1. $28? Really? I expected it to be more than that.

    Hell, at that price, I could get it for my Father-in-Law. It would be better than his current mouse, which only works if it’s on top of a particular magazine. And only the black part of the cover of that magazine.

    It’s kinda screwed up.

  2. Urgh! I don’t even like having my cursor over the word spider because it’s a bit too much like having my hand on one. (Yes this is as crazy as it sounds.)

    I don’t think I’d even go near a computer with one of those. The beetle on the other hand is a possibility…

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