The creepiest computer mouse you’ll see today, guaranteed

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I can’t tell if this creepily wonderful Spider Mouse would make me want to use my computer more or less. Which gives me an idea!

Do you have a squeamish child or roommate that you want to discourage from using your computer? Perhaps the mouse that has a real spider embedded in clear acrylic and glows in the dark could be the perfect $28 solution.

You can check it out over on Amazon, along with a delightful plethora of other computer mice/nasty insect hybrids, including scorpions, beetles, and a variety of spiders.

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  1. $28? Really? I expected it to be more than that.

    Hell, at that price, I could get it for my Father-in-Law. It would be better than his current mouse, which only works if it’s on top of a particular magazine. And only the black part of the cover of that magazine.

    It’s kinda screwed up.

    • AND I bet his mouse doesn’t even have a dead insect inside of it — screwed up is right! 😉

  2. Urgh! I don’t even like having my cursor over the word spider because it’s a bit too much like having my hand on one. (Yes this is as crazy as it sounds.)

    I don’t think I’d even go near a computer with one of those. The beetle on the other hand is a possibility…

    • I’m with you on that. Seeing a picture of a spider guarantees I’ll have nightmares about trying to escape one. I blame you, Megan! 🙂

      • So you’re saying my “don’t use my computer” hack idea would work!? Mwahahahaha.

        Also, I apologize for your nightmares.

    • Called it. I fully expected that to be so. I don’t know why so many products LOOK flipping awesome but function like trash. Then again, I’d be really sad when the buttons wore out on me, anyway.

      To make myself feel better, I’m linking to this little guy.

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