On "getting wifed" after getting married

I've noticed something now that I'm married… I feel like I've totally been getting "wifed" recently, and not-so-much by strangers or friends, but by my family, who really should know me better. From my sister to my father, for some reason everyone assumed I would change because *gasp* "I'm a wife now!"


I dislike being a housewife: My struggle with being financially dependent on my spouse

Many women dislike the word "housewife" because of implications of feminism and the stigma of gendered domestic roles. I dislike the word "housewife" because I am one. Well, I don't dislike the word itself but the actual role. I dislike being a housewife! My husband is not to blame for this; he even tries to mitigate the situation. Its all in my head. But I can't be the only who feels like this. Whether you prefer the term "housewife/husband," "homemaker," or another term entirely, how do you deal with the discomfort of financial dependency on a spouse?

How can I balance being a parent and being an artist?

It's very difficult to be faced with two options: be artistic on cue, or stop in the middle of my inspiration to fix dinner, help with homework, or do a bedtime routine. The end result of all this internal conflict is complete and utter failure at both my art and raising my children in a healthy clean environment. I am curious: has anyone else out there dealt with this conflict? Have you found a solution that's healthy for everyone?

How do you tell your kid you're an atheist?

How do you have the atheist talk? We don't believe in any religion, therefore we don't have any literature, examples, or classes to give him. We tried to explain what other people think "god" is, but just couldn't find the words to describe it. He ended up thinking that there is a god who is a magician who lies to people, which is not what we want him to think.