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My daughter inspired me to become an activist

I come from a conservative and religious-minded family and spent the last five years exploring other political and economic models and ideas, coming to embrace a perspective melding socialism and humanism. My internal idea of who I am and what I believe clashes with a somewhat quieter, perhaps even frightened, public persona.

What do your kids call you?

I tend to not let society or scientific findings sway my mothering instincts too much. I, of course, accept certain social norms, only to make it easier on Abbi growing up, but I rely mostly on my own judgment and sense of right and wrong. Ultimately, I, NOT SOCIETY, am responsible for the human being I am raising in my home. She has never been any less than a developing adult human…one that needs me to love, accept, set an example for and teach her.

Coming to terms with our new identity as a military family

I married a bartender. I married a goofy, bearded, garage band kid. In May he left for Air Force basic training.

The myth of the “pre-baby body”

Jessica is a mama-to-be who’s not at ALL ashamed of her pre, present, and upcoming post-pregnancy body — and you shouldn’t be, either.

Here’s a quick way to learn more about mothering: INTERVIEW YOUR MOM!

Katie is exploring what motherhood may mean to her down the road, and went straight to the source — her own mother — for a quick question and answer session!

Raising babies in a two religion household

So I’ve done it. I’ve outed myself as a Jew with baptized children.

Parenting cliches as loss of identity

Parenthood lends itself heavily to cliché because we each experience similar events, things that have occurred again and again to parents for generations…

Things are going to be different

Everyone kept saying to us, “things are going to be different when you have a kid”. They always said it with a slightly evil smile, and went on to explain that we would never again have time to cook nice meals or sit and enjoy each other’s company or brush our teeth.