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Undies, pads, cups: What do you use for eco-friendly period management?

I was wondering if you had any advice for eco-friendly period management?

Namely I’m talking about special underwear you wear when you have your period or the cotton “pads” that you wash and reuse. I’ve seen a few ads but I have no idea where to start or good brands.

How to be period positive in 5 easy steps!

Newsflash: uteri bleed. This statement seems so innocuous, but even discussing menstruation is often considered taboo in many societies, including, to some degree, ours. It’s time to evolve the way we think and speak about menstruation in an effort to become more period-positive.

Here are five easy ways to become more #PeriodPositive…

Let’s talk about all the skin gloops in my medicine cabinet

It recently occurred to me that I have a shit-load of skin creams, oils, washes, and various other gloops in my medicine cabinet. Like, way more than I should have. Some of them should be cycled out because I never use them, but I have surprisingly strong opinions about others of them. Like, it’s just gloop. Why am I so obsessed with these gloops? I cannot tell you, but I figured that if I’m obsessed with my gloops, you might be obsessed with yours, and maybe we can discuss our gloops. Ready?

I simplified my beauty routine and I’m not “less of a woman” for it

I had a pretty complicated beauty routine and I used a lot of products. But as much as I love me some Sephora goodies, did I really need all of them? I had become trapped in societal expectations about my beauty routine. This beauty routine I had developed wasn’t because I enjoyed the pampering and the process, it was because I listened to “beauty authorities” tell me that I needed to be afraid of growing old and afraid of being seen as less feminine.

Biking to work: How to avoid being stinky when you don’t have a shower

I live about six miles from work and I really really want to bike. I mean, it wouldn’t take much longer to bike than it would to drive that distance. The trouble is that there is no shower at my office — so I would have to work stinky all day… and that’s not really going to fly. Does anybody have no-shower solutions, post-biking to work?

Make your own lemon scrub at home

Here is a quick recipe that you can make at home that’s great for exfoliating your face. It also works great as a yummy lip scrub…

What are you favorite offbeat or non-aluminum-based deodorants?

I sweat a lot, but I try to avoid aluminum-based deodorants/antiperspirants. But I’m a teacher and I usually resort to Secret or something else standard on the days that I’m teaching (teacher pit stains are the worst!). Sometimes even that doesn’t cut it. I would love to hear about other Homies’ antiperspirant solutions — particularly of the offbeat or non-aluminum based variety.

Caroline Rothstein on feminism and bikini waxes

…Yet here I am, month in and month out, dropping my pants for a stranger, letting her slide hot, green, organic wax along my vulva, around my labia, and across my lower abdomen with a thick, pale wooden popsicle stick just so I can feel “clean.” How can I subject a part of my body with such a complicated narrative to this hedonistic ritual and still call myself a feminist?